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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %REASONABLE COMMUNAL SOCIAL LOGICAL ATTITUDES 880508 Each community creates its own distinctive conception of what is reasonable and logical. Daily life defines what is regarded as reasonable in each community. Behavior which is generally accepted, is reasonable. Behavior which occasions alienation, is not reasonable. Communal attitudes flow from patterns of communal acceptance and rejection. Attitudes are habitual patterns of thought and feeling. Attitudes are formed by patterns of acceptance and rejection. Each member of a community seeks to be a member of the unity, and where possible molds behavior to promote unity. Where there are clear patterns of rejection, behavior is molded to avoid rejection. If the habit of rejecting non- conformal behavior is not transcended, conflicts will exist over what should be the reasonable grounds for rejection. Patterns of mutual rejection develop in a dynamic way which is not under the control of any one member of a community. The logic of such patterns of mutual rejection is not under the control of any one member of the community, it is a communal logic which makes sense in terms of the communal patterns of mutual rejection. Such patterns seem reasonable to their participants in terms of the experience of the participants. They behave as they do to avoid rejection, and by behaving as they do, they lay the foundations for future human rejections and alienation. Their attitudes are disintegrative, rather than integrative in nature. The communal attitudes of members of a disintegrative community infect the dynamics of individual personal development. The logic of the community which pervades the patterns of inter-personal acceptance and rejection, is bound to abide within each participant in the communal patterns of acceptance and rejection. That pattern is bound to guide patterns of communication and alienation within the dynamics of each individual person's development and growth. People who have been taught by their community to accept certain patterns of acceptance and rejection as being reasonable, will follow those patterns in matters of self acceptance and rejection. What is good for the community will naturally seem good to the individual. Attitudes which lead to communal integration or communal disintegration, will also operate within individuals and lead to individual integration or disintegration. The community or individual which habitually is guided by the attitude that it is reasonable to reject persons who fail to conform to a prescribed pattern of behavior, will logically disintegrate, according to the rules of rejection and alienation which prevail in the community. The process of disintegration will follow the rules embodied in the communal habits of thought and feeling; in the communal attitudes. The patterns of disintegration and violence will follow the logic of the patterns of mutual rejection. To transcend patterns of disintegration which violate the integrity of a community and its members, new attitudes towards rejection, alienation and excommunication must prevail. A new recognition must dawn that rejection, alienation and excommunication are tools of disintegration which do violence to all members of communities which use them, and so do violence to all persons who use them. Personal and communal integrity are interdependent. Any tool which does violence to communal integrity does violence to personal integrity. The essence of violence is the violation of an integrity. It is impossible to do violence to either personal integrity or communal integrity without doing violence to the other. Those communities which develop attitudes that in a creative way minimize violence to its most essential integrities, are the communities which survive. Those communities which respect attitudes which lead to the violation of its most essential channels of communication, are communities which disintegrate, as their channels of communication disintegrate. Channels of communication are the glue which hold communities together. Without open channels of communication, communities disintegrate. To do violence to channels of communication is to violate the essence of community. Each family, neighborhood, school, business, town, city, county, state, nation, profession, etc. is in some sense a community. To survive, each such community needs to develop attitudes and patterns of mutual acceptance which promote open and honest communication. Each community needs to be aware of the disintegration which logically follows the acceptance of rejection, alienation and excommunication as appropriate behavior in any circumstance. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================