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================================================================================================== The essay below was originally written on: 2013/09/04 on paper; and was thereafter edited. ================================================================================================== The Essence-of-Love, Morality and Ethics - - - is related intimately to the presence/absence of: 1. Neighbors-Collaborating-on-Mitigating their Patterns-of-Unsustainable-Alienation; 2. Political, Religious, Military and Economic: Egocentricity, Greed, and Corruption; AND - - 3. All of their: LONG-TERM-NON-SUSTAINABLE forms of ALIENATIVE: a. Successes, Superiority, Civilizations, Salvations; b. Powers, Wealth, Luxuries, Security, Invulnerability, c. Dominance, Growth, Winnings, etc. - - - - - - - - - - - - That Can-NOT-SURVIVE in the absence of - - Open-and-Honest-Dialogues-about - - - - - The Unavoidable-Costs of - - - - - NOT-MITIGATING the following TRAGIC-REALITIES: WHENEVER AND WHEREVER THEY ARE: Endlessly-Growing! Alienation Arrogance Pretentions Dishonesty Greed Isolation Egocentricity Domination Violence Coercion Terrorism Extremism Inequality Diseases Tensions Contentions Unilateralists Shunnings Exclusivity Torture Isolation Technologies Bombs Guns Wars Threats Ignorance Confusion Segregations Taboos Injustice Poverty Diseases Discomfort Suspicions Terrors Exclusivity Shunnings Banishments Excommunications Threats Attacks Taboos Prohibitions Proscriptions Prescriptions Intolerance Orthodoxies Militants Militaries Fights Conflicts Entrapments Prisons Untouchables Suspicions Terrorists Terrors Anxieties Fears There are MAJOR-DIFFICULTIES that flow from NOT-MITIGATING the Endless-Growths of the above tragic-realities; in any significant Civilization; anywhere in space-ship-earth. It is not easy to recognize the absence of any reality that is essential to personal-and-communal: Health-and-Integrity - - - - - In each TERRESTRIL Civilization, due to the above MAJOR-DIFFICULTIES! Alienations are Mitigated by Transcending The ABOVE MAJOR-DIFFICULTIES in Colaboraative-gracious ways! It is PRUDENT: To-Love Our-Neighbors As-ourselves; And be-Engaged In-Open And-Honest Intimate-Dialogues! About-Our-Most-Basic-Needs Healthy-Desires And-Hopes-Together! Shalom! GOD-IS-LOVE! NO ISOLATED/ALIENATED REALITY CAN PLAY GOD'S ROLE IN MITIGATING OUR ALIENATION!