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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %ESSENTIAL FOUNDATION PERSONAL COMMUNAL INTEGRITIES 071109 %CIVIL RIGHTS HABEAS CORPUS PROVE RIGHT IMPRISON 071109 %VULNERABLE MINORITIES IMPOTENT DIFFERENT ALIENS 071109 %CHECKS BALANCES MUTUAL COOPERATION COMMON WELFARE 071109 %EXECUTIVE LEGISLATIVE EXECUTIVE JUDICIAL FEDERAL 071109 %STATE RIGHTS CITIZEN WOMEN WIDOWS ORPHANS HOMELESS 071109 Traditional Conservative-Protections against abusive concentrations of powers and wealth exist in: 1. The rights embodied in habeas-corpus; the right to demand that the authorities prove that they have the proper right to detain a prisoner. 2. Systems of checks and balances between competing governmental seats of authority --- formalized into law. 3. Formalizations of responsibilities of public officials to work to favor the common-good rather than the concentration of powers and wealth into the hands of special interests. 4. Formalizations of charging powerful corporations for the privilege of externalizing their operation costs into the public environment of God's Space-Ship-Earth. 5. Recognizing the ways in which leaders seek to rule by dividing people into mutually-alienated-factions that do not know, trust or understand each other's mutually- complementary perspectives, interests, integrities, modes of creativity and possible modes of cooperation. 6. Recognizing the ways in which competing political leaders seek to take advantage of how each other has concentrated powers and wealth; rather than to work to redistribute powers and wealth that have been corrupted through alienative patterns of concentration thereof. 7. Recognizing the great risks inherent in marriages between: corporations, executives, legislatures, lobbiests, judiciaries, military-industrial-complexes, religious-institutions, theologies, scientists, educators, entertainers, news-distributors, etc. 8. Exposing Domination-Systems' patterns of Divide-and- Conquer. 9. Exposing Domination-Systems' patterns of exacerbating various kinds of FEAR, ANXIETY, DOUBT, UNCERTAINTY, GREED, INSECURITY, DISTRUST, which distract attention away from Shalom's Many Gracious Ways of: Mutual-Understanding, Balancing-Interests, Balancing-Concerns, Resolving- Conflicts, Cooperating, Collaborating, etc. ==========================================================