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%ABSENCE TRUE-SANCTUARY EXCEEDING DIFFICULT DETACH 050401 %NEGATIVITY OBJECT PROTEST DETEST DENIGRATION SIN 050401 %ESSENTIALLY DESTRUCTIVE VIOLENT DISINTEGRATE DEVIL 050401 %REAL ENEMIES PROJECTED COSMIC MYTH REDEMPTIVE GOOD 050401 %EMBRACE LETTING GOING PERMISSIVE TOLERANCE JUDGED 050401 %BUILD CONSTRUCT AFFIRM PROCLAIM DISTRIBUTIVE JUST 050401 In the absence of any True-Sanctuary it is exceedingly difficult for us To-Detach-from-Negativity; because we Instinctively-Respond Negatively-to-Negativity; as do our Perceived-Enemies --- even in the absence of any Real-Enemies. In Instinctively-Responding Negatively-to-Negativity we embrace Negativity and encourage others to do likewise. The cure to the above Tragic-Recycling-of-Negativity is Curing-The-Absence of any True-Sanctuary --- by conceiving, dreaming-of, envisioning and building True- Sanctuary-Communities that are Dedicated-to-the-Integrity of all who need the True-Security which True-Sanctuaries offer FOR-ALL. When there are no True-Sanctuaries offering True- Security FOR-ALL; ALL-PEOPLE are Truly-Insecure within the context Fictitious-Invulnerability for THE-FEW who have Successfully-Concentrated-Wealth-and-Fallen-Powers FOR- THE-FEW to enjoy In-Isolation generated through Righteous- Excommunications by the Most-Successful-Individualists. Individualists deny that they need the context of any True-Community; they are Self-Sufficient-In-Isolation. So they Unilaterally-Focus upon all that is essential to their Continued-Invulnerability. They find it difficult to be Successful in their Unilaterally-Assigned-Task --- because it is founded upon their rejection of the Importance-of-Communal-Sanctuaries that offer: Contextual-Meaning and Contextual-Significance. All True- Meaning-and-Significance Is-Rooted-Within-Contexts; Communal-Contexts. Being-Dishonest about that truth is not a Firm-Foundation for Isolated-Unilateral-Success! Being-Dishonest lacks integrity and coherence. Anything built upon Being-Dishonest will crumble in The-Absence-Of Coherent-Communal-Contexts; e.g., in The-Absence-Of Communal-Sanctuaries. It should be clear that above discussion is about the Ways-In-Which-Humane-Relationships Evolve-Naturally; Not- Because-of-Legislation. The above is a Description of Natural-Processes; not about any Past-Present-or-Future Legislation, Prescription, Proscription, or Commandments Designed-Promote-Proper-Processes Which-Are-Unlikely-to- Occur-Naturally In-The-Absence-of-Such-Designs. The above descriptions are not about Cures-For-Original-Sin-or- Falling on the part of anybody, anywhere at any time. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================