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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %SUBTLE DIFFERENCES ESSAYS SYSTEM BETWEEN ALIKE+020306 %REDUNDANCIES REPETITION SAYING SAME THING OVER+020306 %DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES SAME REALITY PARADOXES+020306 %AMBIGUITY PROBABILITY DOUBTS HERISIES ABSOLUTES+020306 %TRUTHS DESCRIPTIONS AUTHENTIC PEOPLE ROLE MODELS+020306 %SCRIPTURES RELIGIOUS DOMINATION WRITERS AUTHORS 020306 The following lays some foundations for explaining some things about what these essays focus upon; which is rarely about physics --- and is often about intimate human relationships. Non-physicists upon reading many pages in a physics texts might object to and/or get bored with many pages, all of which focused upon objects colliding with others in the distant reaches of space between stars. They might believe that all of the pages were about the just one topic; i.e., collisions between inanimate objects --- and not see that different pages were truly different because they focused primarily upon each of the following different aspects of such collisions; but not exclusively upon any one of the following aspects at any one time: 1. Conservation of kinetic energy some times. 2. Conservation of total energy at all times. 3. Conversion of kinetic energy into thermal energy. 4. Conversion of kinetic energy into mass energy. 5. Conversion of mass energy into kinetic energy. 6. Conservation of linear momentum at all times. 7. Conservation of angular momentum at all times. 8. Conservation of the total electric charge. 8. Conservation of the total baryon number. 9. Conservation of the lepton number. 10. Conservation of the total isotopic spin. 11. Conservation of the total strangeness number. 12. Entropy always increasing or staying the same within isolated sets of interacting objects. 13. The formation of black holes through infalling. 14. Particles virtually moving back through time. 15. Virtual violations of conservation of energy. 16. Conversions of particle identities into others. 17. Distortions of time and space on the stage. In a way similar to the above, some people may see many essays in the ESSAYS System as dealing with just the same topic over and over --- with no real difference between essays. Granted there is much redundancy, but on careful examination the reader may find that as above --- behind the apparent redundancies there are different foci in various essays. There are often subtle differences at levels which are not apparent in casual readings of essays. Such subtle differences can make the difference between an organization, religion, city, state, nation or civilization surviving, or disintegrating. Such subtle differences are often important differences, even though they may not be apparent to the casual reader who does not want to have subtle but disturbing truths revealed. As is the case in physics text books, in the essays there may be a concentration of attention upon the role of the following in human interactions and relationships; but not to the exclusion of any of the others below: 1. Dishonesty, deception, addictions, collusions. 2. Honesty, authenticity, openness, dialogue. 3. Accuracy, clarity, revelations, descriptions. 4. Confusion, chaos, doubt, uncertainty. 5. Arrogance, self-righteousness, domination. 6. Coercion, violence, abuse, violations. 7. Exclusivity, excommunications, alienation. 8. Tolerance, integration, hospitality, welcome. 9. Civility, cooperation, mutual-understanding. 10. Balance, mutuality, stability, health. 11. Disease, sickness, illness, decay, rot. 12. Reconciliation, forgiveness, healing. 13. Antagonism, rage, revenge, contention. 14. Attack, battle, war, winning, losing. 15. Cooperation, construction, building. 16. Destruction, fragmentation, splitting. There are may perspectives from which we can view any one person, leader, relationship, family, community, city, religion, culture, or civilization --- depending upon what combination of foci of considerations are chosen to motivate and guide the consideration of the reality which is under consideration. Different essays have been engendered by subconsciously choosing different combinations of leading foci for extended subconscious consideration. Often slightly different essays have been engendered by subconsciously choosing only slightly different combinations of leading foci for careful subconscious consideration --- of the same particular reality --- leading thereby to different semi-conscious pre-articulations of essays which have then been typed on a typewriter or computer key-board; and sometimes written on paper by hand; thereby for the first time articulating particular insights in a fully conscious way; but not always in a completely unique new way. Some domineering people may object to essays which explore issues and questions pertaining to taboo topics, or to taboo combinations of topics --- without offering any clarity regarding just what it is that is being objected to. A smoke screen may be generated to obscure just what issues and/or questions are being denigrated and/or what is the ground for the objection. Vague objections may be stated in efforts to discredit people or texts in confused ways. Clarity is not sought. We, however, need to seek to clarify the roots of such objections, and the nature of such objections. We should not take such objections at face value, or casually dismiss them --- or dismiss those who raise them as if they as persons do not merit any response. Such dismissive responses will not be helpful to anybody. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================